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Consulting Company in Western Europe


  • Implement integration with custom SOAP services which uses mutual SSL and SOAP WS Security headers, communicate all security questions with service provider IT support team
  • Conduct integration testing, implement 100% unit-test coverage
  • Perform deployment to PROD instance


3 weeks
1 APEX Developer
  • Successfully implemented APEX triggers for data sync with external system
  • Conducted full integration testing
  • Deployed implemented functionality to PROD instance

Large manufacturing company

Pentaho Data Integration, Salesforce Data Loader

  • Perform full system audit about Salesforce orgs to merge including data model, validation rules, workflow rules, packages installed, licenses available, storage, data usage
  • Gather information about data mapping and fields mapping
  • Develop comprehensive data migration plan which includes initial migration and delta migration
  • Develop data transformations using Pentaho Data Integration suite to be able to conduct export, all transformations and import required for full and delta migration during 48 hours (1 weekend)
  • Perform test data migration to Full sandbox
  • Perform production data migration
  • Perform quality assurance and issues fixes without PROD system interruptions for more than 2 hours during non-business hours
6 weeks
1 System Admin, 1 QA engineer, 1 Project Manager
  • Reduced production system outage to 2 weekends with actual systems freeze not more than 4 hours
  • Migrated User, Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Campaign, Case and all related standard objects (including Attachments and Notes)
  • Reduced amount of duplicates and data quality for custom fields and picklists
  • Minimized inconvenience for end-users because of CRM systems merge

One of the leading Internet start-up company in SME segment in the USA

  • JIRA, Confluence, Salesforce IDE, Data Loader, git

  • Visualforce, APEX, JavaScript, JQuery, REST, SOAP


Salesforce CRM implementation including basic configuration, data migration, integration with various 3rd party services and main product back-end (including licensing and usage information sync)

8 weeks
Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce CRM system integrated into existing infrastructure prepared, master data entered into the CRM, basic training performed for admin and Sales Director

  • Pipeline configured according to existing business processes for different product types

  • Product Development, Support, Sales and Marketing infrastructures integrated with Salesforce CRM

  • Enabled Teamwork in integrated social enterprise environment ready for further synergy and product line\sales volumes growth

  • Implemented working prototype of a product with ability to demon and install on the customer’s Salesforce instances

JET BI team performed consulting and custom development services including: Requirements analysis, basic Salesforce CRM (Enterprise Edition) setup for 5+ Salesforce users Data migration from email and Excel spreadsheets Integration with Intercom.IO, MailChimp, Chargify, LinkedIn, Google Mail using APEX Custom development to increase sales productivity (APEX triggers, Visualforce pages) Integration with main product back-end (licensing and usage information) Connector app prototype implementation for future full product development and publishing on AppExchange Ongoing maintenance and support services

Leading utility auditor and energy efficiency US company

  • git, JIRA, MavensMate, Eclipse, Data Loader

  • Visualforce, APEX, JavaScript, JQuery, REST, SOAP


The main task for the JET BI Developer’s team was to customize and implement Salesforce CRM system to meet Customer’s needs.

8 months
Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Developer
  • Intake process fully configurable available for 84 programs in > 20 States

  • Partner Community implemented including complex data sharing model

  • Implemented integration with other corporate systems via REST services

  • Performed code refactoring and optimization, increased overall unit test coverage from 74% to 90%

Salesforce Partner Community Implementation was performed including custom development (APEX, Visualforce, Bootstrap) and adaptive UX design Customer intake process automation was implemented using Visualforce and APEX (including complex intake form, data validation, customizable validation and intake process branching based on program\region\customer parameters) Integration with Oracle Field Services Cloud using Oracle ETA SOAP API Street address verification using SmartyStreets REST API 3rd tier Technical support for Salesforce CRM, deployment

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